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Name: Kyaputen Kuro, Captain Kuro
Epithet: Kurahadol, Klahadore
Age: unknown
Species: Human
First Appearance: Manga Chapter #24, Anime Episode #9
Bounty: 16,000,000 belly

Kuro follows the role of the evil mastermind and continues One Piece's tradition of noticeably cruel villains. His life as a pirate led him to become irritated at the idea that he was forever chased by the Marines, as well as those seeking his bounty. He then began to yearn for a peaceful life, without such bothers. He also came to the conclusion his crew were nothing but puppets; that pirates were barbarians that stole from people out of greed and nothing more, and that they were buffoons who were nothing without his guidance and direction.

As Kurahadol he was forced into acting kind natured, to make himself out as Miss Kaya's trustworthy family butler and caretaker. He later admits how much he hated acting out this role for 3 years, and in the process betrays Kaya's feelings. At one point, he relives seemingly happy memories with her, breaking her heart as he states that he "endured it", and voiced his utter contempt for her. He mocks Usopp when he calls himself a pirate, calling his act a "Childish game", and sees him as equal to an insect.

In general, Kuro is a genius of the highest calibur (having the second highest IQ in East Blue, behind Ben Beckman), whose plans have never failed in the past. He is a master strategist and an accomplished fighter, but he was severely hampered by the fact that he simply didn't have the fortitude to deal with a pirate's life. He held himself in very high regard, having a standard for people no one seemed able to live up to but himself. He felt nothing for the lives of others, willingly sacrificing anyone he needed to achieve his goals.

The dreaded former Captain of the Black Cat Pirates. He is also known as Kuro of the Thousand Plans for his elaborate plans that virtually never fail. However, this proved to have a huge setback; as time passed, he grew tired of setting up schemes for his crewmates and of constantly being hunted down by the Marines. That was when he decided to have an impostor take his place as Captain Kuro and be executed in his stead by Morgan so that the hunt for him would be ceased. [1] Soon after, Captain Kuro set up an elaborate scheme in a small village he came to live in, in order to live free from pursuit with great wealth. He took the name Kurahadol and, for two years, lived as the butler of the wealthy parents of Kaya, who he is believed by many to have killed (this is not known to be true yet, as he denied it when Django accused him of it, saying that their deaths weren't part of his original plan). He then became the sickly Kaya's caretaker. When three years passed, he contacted his old first mate, the hypnotist Django, and arranged for the Black Cat pirates to lay siege to the village, force Kaya to write and sign a will leaving all her wealth to Kuro, and then kill Kaya.

His plan goes awry when he is overheard by Monkey D. Luffy and Usopp when he speaks to Django about his plans. Luffy, Usopp, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami fight together against the Black Cat Pirates. Usopp saves Kaya from Django's pursuit in the nick of time, Zoro defeats the Nyaban Brothers (Meowban Brothers) (Siam and Butchie), and Luffy defeats Captain Kuro, using Gomu Gomu no Kane/Gum Gum Bell (A stretched headbutt). He is last seen for a brief moment staring out a window as a pirate captain again (in the anime only), when Luffy got his first bounty of 30,000,000 berries. It is unknown whether he will appear as a returning villain, like Buggy the Clown.

Captain Kuro uses weapons called "Cat Claws", furred gloves with a full-length katana blades at the end of each finger. He has incredible speed and stealth and was the scourge of the seas until he vanished three years ago by staging his own death during a sea battle with the Marines; this also is what led Axe Hand Morgan to his promotion.

In addition, Captain Kuro has super-human speed with which to deliver his attacks. His skill is such that at full speed he is only able to be seen as a vague blurr or by the damage his attacks cause (primarily the latter; the former may only be dramatic effect). He primarily uses a special attack called Shakushi (Death Scoop/Death Ladle), that allows him to sweep a large area, killing anything his claws connect with at random, including his own crew.

Captain Kuro often pushes his glasses up on his nose with the palm of his hand, a technique he has used since his days as a pirate -- straightening them with the fingers would be impossible when the Cat Claws are worn. According to Django, this proves that even after three years of peaceful life Captain Kuro has not yet forgotten how to kill.

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