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Monkey D. Luffy

: Monkey D. Luffy
Epithet : "Straw Hat Luffy"
Age : 17
Birthday : May 5
Height : 5' 7"
First Appearance : Manga Chapter #1, Anime Episode #1
Species : Human
Bounty : 300,000,000 Berries

Luffy is fairly lightheaded and a funny character, but with a strong sense of determination and commitment and will do anything and stand up to anybody for his friends and comrades. Luffy is simple minded and can easily be amazed by the simplest things. He likes to make fun of other people's imperfections and character traits, although he is rarely better. Luffy seems to have an unstoppable appetite, even exhausting three cooks in a row (This characteristic is common to the Japanese archetype of the (at times simple-minded) young male hero/adventurer with a heart of gold, as in the case of Son Goku of Dragon Ball fame for example, which is Eiichiro Oda's favorite manga.) His favorite food is meat, and lots of it.

Monkey D. LuffyBeing the captain, and thus the person who chooses the team, Luffy is on good terms with everyone on the ship. Luffy also has the rare ability to cheer up just about anyone with his antics, even pulling a smile from the serious Zoro and Robin. Usopp and Chopper, as the youngest of the crew, often join him in singing and fooling around. Nami often scolds Luffy's airheadedness, but he never gets angry at her, even when she manipulates him. He adores Sanji's cooking, especially meat, and drops anything he's doing for a meal. He is willing to do anything for his friends. Luffy also likes to imitate his crew members, and sometimes even himself.

In confrontation of groups of enemies, Luffy will normally pick the strongest fighter, who normally is the leader, too, and won't give up until he defeats him, even if it takes him several tries. Sometimes he even shows direct admiration of the abilities of an enemy, until he finds a way to outweigh his opponents strength. To the same degree, he will be angered if he witnesses indifference of a captain for the fate of his crew.

Luffy never kills any of the villains (no matter how cold hearted they are), he mostly sends the villain flying, knocking them out or until the point that they are almost near death, which results in some of the villains coming after him, such as Buggy the Clown. Oda explains that it's not a question of morality so much as a matter of punishing the villains for their crimes - he feels that killing the villains lets them off too lightly, whereas he considers letting them live to see their dreams be ruined a far more fitting punishment.

Luffy's goal is to find the One Piece and become pirate king. He knows that to achieve his goal, he will have to defeat a lot of strong opponents, including the World Government. He is not frightened by this, but anticipates the fight. He also appears to have very little fear, as when Spandam asked if he really thought he had a chance against the whole world when he burned down the World Government's flag, he yelled "YEAH!!" at the top of his voice.

Monkey D. LuffyLuffy has since worked diligently on keeping that promise and is known famously as "Monkey D Luffy", or simply "Straw Hat Luffy". Luffy now aims not only to be a grand pirate, but to become King of the Pirates. Most people don't take his goal seriously, until they see his absurd strength; although we never surely know how he got to be so strong or how he trained in the ten years of his training.

Even the Marines started to take him more seriously after he defeated the villainous Marine Captain "Axe-Hand" Morgan and several known pirates such as Captain Buggy the Clown, "Pirate Admiral" Don Krieg, and Arlong The Fish-man (Captain Kuro is left out from this because their confrontation was never publicized, and the marines believed Kuro to have been killed by Morgan 3 years ago). A 30 million beli reward was placed on his head after he had beaten Arlong. This reward eventually becomes 100 million berries after he defeated Sir Crocodile when the World Government deemed him a serious threat for beating one of their Seven Warlords of the Sea.

During his voyage, Luffy has had a few meetings with the Marines, from the not-too serious looking return of Ironfist Fullbody (whom Luffy met first by the Baratie) and Captain Smoker (Captain Chaser in the English anime) of Roguetown (Loguetown in the Japanese version), to Admiral Aokiji.

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy has passed several islands on his way to and along The Grand Line, including Drum Island, Little Garden, Alabasta, and Skypiea. He has met many new allies, as well as making several enemies, such as Wapol, Sir Crocodile, and Eneru.

Luffy has activated Gear 2 and manages to hold off Lucci long enough for Franky to get past safely and rescue Robin. With Gear 2 active, Lucci seemed to be outpowered, since he can't even hit Luffy once. Lucci then uses Rankyaku to destroy the room where they're fighting and flood it, which is also meant to kill everyone else in the tunnel. Lucci tries to escape, and once the two get to a safer location, Luffy's Gear 2 has begun to wear off, allowing Lucci to turn the tables, so that he is making all the hits. Luffy then activates Gear 3 and hits Lucci through the wall sending him flying towards the sea. Luffy, who saw Lucci land on a marine ship, began fighting again with Lucci on the ship. In response, all the other marine ships targeting and shooting at the ship Luffy and Lucci are on. However, both Luffy and Lucci survived; Luffy was transformed into a chibi for one minute, and have to endure Lucci's attacks. However, as soon as the minute is up, Lucci felt his legs grow weak from earlier attacks. Luffy and Lucci continue fighting, Luffy then goes into 2nd Gear again. Luffy seemed to gain the upper hand until Rob Lucchi unveiled the Rokushiki hidden technique, Rokuougan. Luffy was heavily damaged but it seems as though the fight is still pretty even, until Lucci manages to hit him with the same attack again, leaving Luffy lying face down in a pool of his own blood. After Usopp revealing his identity after his "defeat" Luffy again stands. Thanks to the encouraging from Usopp, Luffy finishes off Rob Lucci with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gattling Gun.

Luffy still threatens Franky that he will not get his speedo back until he joins the crew. Franky than poses naked and he says " Im still A man naked".Robin wants to do it the hard way, so she uses her powers to crush his balls. Franky cries and the whole family is terrified. Iceburg tells Franky that a dream ship is to sail it to the ends of the world. Franky then is moved by what he says,Robin then lets go of his balls. Sanji comes running with Zolo tell that Vice-Admiral Garp (Luffy's Grandpa), has sailed on the opposite shore in attack position. Luffy then throws Franky's speedo back and tells him to sail with them. Franky then say's he does want to see his dream ship. Franky then say's "The New Shipwright,I Franky" Will Join your Crew!!!!

Nico Robin


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